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patti lupone as glenn close as norma desmond

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"Art is a strange beast. Those of us who do it and create it live in a world where something that feels cathartic and wonderful and artistic to us isn’t always what feels that way to the general public. People need art for different reasons."

Five-time Tony nominee, Kelli O’Hara

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#FUCK  #i hate that i cry because of kelli o'hara all the time  #like i've never met this woman  #but she inspires me so much 


smiling at your cast mate you hate like


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there’s a place for us, a time and place for us. hold my hand and we’re halfway there. hold my hand and I’ll take you there… somehow, some day, somewhere!

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#remember matt cavenaugh?  #sexy fucking dude with a killer voice who can't act?  #let's bring him back  #and don't even get me started on my karen olivo feels 


Jesus christ, someone captured the lip-biting. I fucking hate you

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I submit that hers is among the finest concert renditions of this song. 

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