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I'm Jack. Bagel on a plate full of onion rolls. Cockeyed optimist. General idiot.

"My heart wants roots. My mind wants wings. I cannot bear their bickerings."
E. Y. Harburg    (via lucasta)

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Kelli O’Hara performs an a cappella version of “To Build a Home” from The Bridges of Madison County @ NY Times in Performance (x)

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#i swear  #if every tony voter had seen this there is no way jessie would've won that tony  #kelli o'hara is incredible and i think about this acapella performance a lot 
facts, because i’m fucking interesting

name: Jack
favorite saved url: i don’t save urls because i have a life

the next movie you’re planning to watch: don’t know! 

the last movie you watched: sex tape. funny. not great but hella entertaining.
the book you’re currently reading: love saves the day. it’s about a cat.
favorite male fictional character: hagrid probably.
favorite female fictional character: idk man like so many. francesca johnson, bridges of madison county.
the number of songs on your iPod: 1013. there are 5848 on my iTunes though.
that one song that’s been stuck in your head all week: i can do better than that from the last 5 years
the fictional character you identify with most: tracy flick, rachel berry, fanny brice (even though she’s real). 
favorite word: fuck

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me about fall semester already

me about fall semester already

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"You get depressed because you know that you’re not what you should be."
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you must become an island. #sarabareilles #thisismebeingahipster

you must become an island. #sarabareilles #thisismebeingahipster

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#sarabareilles  #thisismebeingahipster 


Beautiful: The Carol King Musical. Derek McLane.

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The most realest shit I have ever. fucking. seen.


The most realest shit I have ever. fucking. seen.

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